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MD04 – Export planning to Excel

Sometimes a planner wishes to share the planning status of a particular material with colleagues or partners that are not SAP users. In this case it is useful to export the planning overview to Excel and perhaps pimp the lay-out with some colorful headers.To do this -from within MD04 or MD07- go to Menu > List > Variable Print.

MD04 Print variant

MD04 – Variable Print

Immediately a new overview opens up that may look less attractive than the overview you are used to. On the screen ‘Print list – variable’ you can change the lay-out and save it as a variant like you are used to in standard SAP reporting.

MD04 printlist lay-out

MD04 printlist lay-out

To get the best Excel results export the report directly to an Excel table, as opposed to first store it as a local file and then open it in Excel. This way the lay-out is optimized for direct filtering and sorting.

This is all there is to it. Sometimes SAP life is that easy.

iGoogle gadget

iGoogle is my portal to the web. I got it fully personalized to information that I frequently refer to: current events, sports, poker, weather, dictionary, etc. As a SAP consultant Google is one of my best friends and certainly my main referral. I now found an iGoogle gadget that is a Google Search variant. This search engine only looks for SAP results. No need to repeatedly enter keywords like “SAP” and “transaction” to find what you are looking for. You don’t have to place the gadget on your iGoogle page. You can also go to the web page: http://www.google.com/coop/cse?cx=011731639548191095650%3Afzpxsuyhk_y

Screen Capture

Everyone involved in creating work instruction or tutorials know the importance of having a good screen capture tool available. Quickly grab a piece of your screen and drop it in your document. There are some proper tools vailable for FREE : you can choose for a real light program called ScreenHunter that does everything you need at Wisdom Soft. Alternatively you can choose for a program that does a bit more, like directly publish the captured screen on Flickr or your Blog, at Jing Project. It is also able to record video (offered by Wisdom soft through a seperate free utility). Jing is more heavy weight and sluggish though and requires dotNet installed on your machine. Jing is from the creators of Snag-it, so expect some for-pay versions in the future. For simple and fast use ScreenHunter.